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Among oaks, mastic trees, myrtle bushes, along rocky paths and sun-drenched stone plains, where the wind blows mightily, our extra virgin olive oil is born

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The life cycle of the olive


Between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the olive tree wakes up and starts to bud again.

Mignola Olivo


In spring, the shoots grow into small flower clusters or vegetative buds.

Fiore Olivo


Spring ends and the flowers bloom, small and white. Stamens and petals fall in a few days.



Autumn arrives and between October and November the magic happens, the olive trees turn colour with fruit.

The Diary

  • From the floral buds of the olive tree, between mid-March and early May, sprout the “mignole,” small clusters of flowers that will bloom in the following month. Among the stages of the olive tree’s life cycle, “mignolatura,” immediately preceding flowering, is crucial for future fruit......

  • Here in Salento, you encounter it when going to the beach, lying on the sand dunes along the Ionian coast and you can see it climbing the steep rocks of the Adriatic side. In rural areas and beyond, in cultivated fields among dry stone walls,......

  • Even colors can have scents. By sniffing our extra virgin olive oil, we realize that each color can evoke a different sensation; we perceive it over time by observing its evolution. It evolves and matures, offering heterogeneous nuances of colors and flavors to both sight......