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Sustainable in every drop

Organic Agriculture

Since 2005 we have embarked on the path of organic farming because we want our extra virgin olive oil to meet the requirements of sustainable quality. Cultivating olive groves with environmentally friendly and health-conscious agronomic techniques is a form of respect—for oneself, for others, and for the planet.


Utilizzo Risorse Idriche Coltivazione Olive nel Salento

Responsible use of water resources

Water is not a free or infinite resource, but it is indispensable for everyone. Let’s preserve water resources with efficient drip irrigation systems, ensuring that water delivery is limited to the actual needs of the plants. All the agronomic techniques we implement are oriented towards the protection of groundwater.



Pianta Olivo del Salento
Energia Pulita Coltivazione Olive nel Salento

Clean energy

We use electricity generated by our photovoltaic system, and if necessary, we purchase energy from renewable sources to meet our needs. To heat the company and provide energy during the olive oil extraction process, we use olive pomace pellets, a low-impact biofuel recovered from the olive milling process. We translate the three fundamental concepts of sustainability into tangible actions: reduce, reuse, recycle.


Innovazione e Tradizione nella Coltivazione Olive nel Salento
Innovazione e Tecnologia nella Coltivazione Olive nel Salento

Innovation and Technology

Investing in the modernization of work equipment. Replacing outdated tractors and machinery with new, more efficient models allows us to adhere to high safety standards, ensure a lower environmental impact and guarantee reduced CO2 emissions throughout the production cycle.




Conservazione delle risorse naturali​

Preservation of natural resources

We protect spontanuous flora and the Mediterranean maquis. In the field, we are committed to preserving existing vegetation and, where possible, planting new specimens of holm oak, oak, myrtle, carob, caper, and mastic, from the latter we also drew inspiration for our name. Typical local shrubs and wild herbs make up an ecosystem capable of working in synergy with organic farming practices and preserving the fundamental biodiversity essential for useful insects and the survival of wildlife.


Gestione aziendale ecocompatibile

Environmentally friendly business management

Every day, we follow small but essential measures: biodegradable cups, paper tape, packaging without chemical solvents, energy-efficient lighting, and on-site composting. We recognize the need to embody sustainable work habits in our daily actions.


Olio Piana del Lentisco
Sostenibilità e Ricerca per la coltivazione degli olivi

Search and Happiness

We have been immersed in olive farming all our lives, growing up amidst oil mill and fields alongside our grandparents and parents. We are well-acquainted with traditions and hold them in high esteem, constantly innovating through research and education. Embracing new methods and expanding our knowledge enables us to enhance production processes and product quality. While it may not be explicitly stated on the label, we assure you that in all our efforts to cultivate the finest extra virgin olive oil for you, we never forget to pursue happiness. We firmly believe that every endeavor should also strive for emotional sustainability.

Il Diario

  • From the floral buds of the olive tree, between mid-March and early May, sprout the “mignole,” small clusters of flowers that will bloom in the following month. Among the stages of the olive tree’s life cycle, “mignolatura,” immediately preceding flowering, is crucial for future fruit......

  • Here in Salento, you encounter it when going to the beach, lying on the sand dunes along the Ionian coast and you can see it climbing the steep rocks of the Adriatic side. In rural areas and beyond, in cultivated fields among dry stone walls,......

  • Even colors can have scents. By sniffing our extra virgin olive oil, we realize that each color can evoke a different sensation; we perceive it over time by observing its evolution. It evolves and matures, offering heterogeneous nuances of colors and flavors to both sight......