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Everything comes from a gem

Everything comes from a gem

Life impulse, the present that projects itself into the future.

The bud for the olive tree is the emblem of vegetative revival after the winter rest, the first fundamental stage of a long process that will lead it to its goal, generating new leaves or becoming olives

The life of the olive tree, with the alternation of its developmental cycles, is naturally linked to the changing seasons of the year. After spending the winter in dormancy, it comes to life between spring and autumn, concentrating and completing, during these months, most of its phenological phases. The first, after the vegetative rest, is the budding.

Technically, phenology is that part of ecology that studies the correlation of climatic and environmental factors with the manifestations of plant life, for us these phenomena represent a fundamental part of daily work: observing patiently, every day in the field.

Every newly blossomed bud hides a mystery; only with time, some reveal themselves to be destined to be flower buds, giving life to fruits, while others unfold as vegetative buds, the mothers of new leaves and new branches. Branches that will nourish the new shoots, which will be the foundation for new leaves in a synergistic cycle that repeats itself, ensuring the growth of the crown and the life of the plant.

This way of life, which the olive tree, as a living plant, practices every day within the complexity of the rural biosystem, is a metaphor for each of us.

We are all interconnected in a complex system, balancing like tightrope walkers between the human and the natural, aware that at times it will be difficult, other times there will be alternating successes and defeats, but always with the stubborn awareness of wanting to improve ourselves every day.

Olive growing is the passion of our life, passed down through the family, as the fifth generation in succession, we have a clear vision of the path to take: to preserve with respect, the traditional values of the agricultural work of those who came before us and to graft them with new visions and modern sensibilities.

We choose the bud as a symbol and lucky charm to begin breathing life into the pages of our diary.