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Our family is very large , and since 1856 in Gagliano del Capo we’ve been dealing with olive growing and oil production.

Olive growing has always been the main occupation of the family, the great love, our passion: the landscape of Salento, characterized by vast expanses of olive trees, would determine our future work.

Our olive groves today extend over about 40 hectares in the countryside of Gagliano del Capo and Alessano. Age-old olive trees live in our land, real monuments of our history and the history of Salento, that we preserve with careful devotion.
The olive tree for our people is a vital and sacred plant, source of life and future: in the mid-800, our family already gave birth to an underground oil mill with millstones and presses, soon replaced by machines ever more in step with the times.

In the ‘60s, thanks to our innovative spirit, we were among the first to introduce, in the lower Salento, very important machines for local agricultural development, such as the thresher for processing grain, and large earth-moving machinery.

The search for the perfect balance between tradition and innovation is continuous, and still characterizes our work, which takes place every day thanks to the specific contribution of each person in the company: each of us, with their training and skills, are all committed to moving forward, keeping close the memory of the past.

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CARLO was born in Gagliano del Capo on August 13th, 1980. Lively and cheerful child, since childhood Carlo shows a great passion for machines, farm equipment, above all the mill. After school, he does his homework and runs to reach his dad who ‘makes oil’. As he grows up, he goes to University, in Lecce, and graduates at the age of 24 in Business and Economics with a thesis on the development prospects in the area of Salento studying foreign models. He returnes to the company and assumes responsibility for management of the mill and production.                   He is keen on oil tasting and specializes in the assembly of blends from native varieties: this knowledge allows the company to create oils with specific and refined aromatic profiles.
He loves homebrew light beers and the countries of Northern Europe.                                    

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FRANCESCO was born in Gagliano del Capo on January 4th, 1986. Very quiet and peaceful child (the exact opposite of his older brother), he immediately shows his passion for driving and for Formula 1. Carlo builds ingenious toy cars with Lego bricks, while Francesco drives and destroys them. Builder and pilot, perfect match. He also attends University in Lecce and graduates in Economics at 24, specializing in management control of internationalized farms. Nothing escapes Francesco, accounting is his forte.
He loves red wine and parlour games.       .

ANDREA was born in Gagliano del Capo on December 1st, 1941. He is the penultimate of seven siblings, all engaged in agricultural and commercial activities. Andrea's dad, grandfather Giovanni, known as ‘Vinni Pasuli’, was a successful trader of vegetables and livestock, while Annunziata, his mother, ran the first grocery in the village; both were also engaged in olive growing and oil milling. Andrea is a man with a very active and innovative personality. From an early age, with his brothers, he carries on the family oil mill but at the same time he decides to purchase and make available to the community the first threshing machine in the area and the first earth-moving machinery.
In 1982 Andrea introduces in the Salento area one of the first extraction systems in a continuous cycle of the province. In 1996 the extraction lines become two.
In 2005, with a view to the entrance of the sons Carlo and Francesco in the company, he builds a new corporate structure, modern and innovative, where he installs two new mills in a continuous cycle with two-phase cold extraction.
He loves the countryside, the dawn, and spaghetti with tomato sauce.


The desire driving us in this wonderful and challenging adventure is to continue the family tradition of olive growing, constantly improving the product quality and the relationship with customers and the market. At this time we are involved in the conversion of our entire production to the organic farming and very soon all our products will be certified organic.

Our arrival and our commitment in the company, while under the constant and watchful care of our father Andrea, for his invaluable experience and knowledge of the olive field, is taking to many improvements that gratify us and encourage us to continue on the way of quality. Agricultural practices improve, with the introduction of all land business practices of organic growing and polyconic vase pruning method. The respect of environment improves, thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic system that ensures efficient energy independence to the production line, the recovery of residues from the processing of olives that become biomass or agricultural fertilizer, and significant water savings, thanks to the two-phase decanter with cold extraction. The modern and efficient extraction techniques ensure a more effective control of time and temperature, as well as the preservation of the product is guaranteed, done in modern storage facilities under nitrogen.
We are also learning a lot in terms of marketing and product presentation, thanks to constant study and the support of professionals who help us to improve our company both in terms of image, and for the service we offer to the customer: for example, today we can customize the label according to specific needs. And bring our oil worldwide.

We want to bring the quality extra virgin olive oil produced in our Salento wherever there is a person looking for healthy, authentic, genuine, and quality food. We will.          

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